Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monkey's First Haircut

Since Monkey was about 7 or 8 months old his hair has seriously started to curl. We talked about getting him a haircut for the longest time because people would mistake our beautiful boy for a pretty little girl (even though he was wearing clothes that did not resemble girls clothes in the least). I really didn't want to cut his hair until he turned at least a year old and when hubby realized I would allow a haircut he demanded he do it himself. This made me very nervous because I cut hubby's hair and his mother cut his hair before me so...he has no experience whatsoever in cutting hair. Well, I just thought to myself that I would tell him that he could do it and then when he was here we would just let maw do it.

Well, Maw did not really want to do it because he is just a baby and he moves a lot and she would be scared to cut him...but after telling my hubby story she finally gave in. So the very night of monkey's birthday after hubby got off of work they sat him down and Maw cut his hair while hubby tried to hold him still. I did not cry but when everyone saw that I was keeping his curls I got some crazy looks but I did not care. I could tape his first curl in his scrapbook. He really did not move too much but after we were done just looking at my child he looked much older and I knew a part of me had to let it go or I would want to hold onto it forever and never want him to grow up..but they have to and I'm trying to be happy about it.

Thank goodness his hair still curls but she cut enough so that it will hopefully get thicker and grow out faster and room to breathe...another stage in the baby mission conquered!

Buck's Special Day

For Buck Jr's actual birthday my hubby had to work so the next he took off and we decided to take him to Baton Rouge. First we decided to hit the zoo. It was a little hard for hubby because almost every animal we came to he thought the cage was entirely too small. But we got very lucky because I don't know if it was the rainy weather but all the animals were out and willing to play.

I think monkey's favorite was the little aquarium because as soon as we entered it his entire face lit up and he refused to stay inside of his wagon. He loved pointing to all of the fish and watching them swim around. He also really liked the big animals. I don't think he started pointing soo much until this trip to the zoo.

After spending about 3 hours at the zoo hubby and I decided that it was time to eat. We went eat at the Long Horn Steakhouse to try it out for the first time. The lunch menu was great! We even had enough room for dessert..and of course monkey just loved that!

Next we took him to the big Bass Pro Shop. We looked around for a good long time and let him see all the fish and ducks they had in their pond. Of course we were already looking at potential christmas gifts because we already know what auntie is getting we were making more plans. So we picked him out a bass pro shop romper (yes auntie i bought a romper) and some camo short overalls. There were lots of other things we wanted to buy him but we had set out there for only a few things and we had more than reached our limit. So we made our way back home after a long day and ended it with hubby making us awesome sandwiches and we were more than glad to hit the sack early.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Buck Jr's 1st Birthday Party

Well, as you all know my beautiful baby boy has finally turned 1. We had lots of family and friends over to celebrate with us! I didn't get many pictures of everyone because there were lots of things going on but the ones I did get are great!

We had lots of drinks and deer burgers and deer sausage and chips and dips and lots and lots of cake. We all ate and hung out for a little while and when we were nice and full I put monkey in his high chair with his brithday hat and bib and had hubby bring out the cake. We had a special little cake made around a cup cake so that he could tear into it all he wanted. He wasn't really hungry anymore but he sure did tear that thing open! After the cake we opened presents. He got lots of gifts but it was hard trying to open all of them and make him sit down. He wanted to run all over the place and play (like little boys do).

Then we all went inside and had our own cake. I am now 7 months pregnant and by this time I was completely exhausted. One of my best friends from Texas came down with her fiance and she was nice enough to massage my shoulders which felt great! We were so full that all we could do was sit in the house and talk and let the kids completely wear themselves out.

All in all we had a great time and I know our little peanut enjoyed his 1st birthday party even though he probably won't remember it...I know I always will!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Buck Jr's First Pow-Wow

Ok, I am sure that you have noticed that I am white and my not. Both of hubby's parents have strong Indian blood lines in them. I think Maw is half cherokee and half choctaw so my hubby is almost full indian. Well, I am only half french and half german so it is hard to embrace my heritage when I am not one full thing. Anyways, hubby and his family have been going to pow-wows before he could even walk. They have big ones and little ones. Well, I saw an add that they were going to have one in Marksville, La and I thought awesome! That is only like 1 1/2 from us so we would be able to go no problem!

When we got there we really didn't want to stay in the casino because it is not really a good place to take a baby so we tried to find other places that were close but had more to do for children. We lucked out by finding this great little place that rented out cabins and it was almost directly behind the casino so we wouldn't be too far. They had a playground and a big pool so we knew it was perfect.

When it was time for the pow-wow we went in and the first thing we did was buy some fried bread. Me or monkey had never had it so it was a first and let me tell you it was wonderful. If it hadn't been for hubby to stop us we would probably made ourselves sick. We walked around to all the huts and looked for little souvenirs to buy. I must say they have some of the coolest stuff out there to get but sometimes you have to be careful because sometimes it is not real and not worth anything..but my hubby was there to make sure what I bought was authentic.

Soon we all gathered around when the dancing began. I can tell you it is nothing like I have ever seen. You can't really follow the music because it is in a different language and unless you speak it you have no idea what's going on. The costumes were absolutely gorgeous. Just looking at them I could tell that it probably took a long time and a lot of hard work to make them. While watching them dance we took pictures and ate dinner. We were only there for that first day because hubby had to get back to work but I can tell you this is a first experience of many! I can't wait to look up the next one and see when we can go again!

Baby Peyton Has Arrived!

One of my close friends at work has been pregnant and looking like she is more than ready to pop. Sunday night she went in to be induced and just about everything went wrong! There were many complications that has forced her to have a C-Section. She has now been in the hospital for 6 days now and are hoping that she can come home soon.

Wednesday night Maw packed up her equipment while I packed up lil tadpole and we went to see Lacy and Peyton!When we got there not only did Lacy look wonderful but she was walking out of her room and down the hall to go get Peyton! She stopped when she saw us but she was looking terrific! So we chatted with her for a little while, while jack went get baby Peyton. Lacy was still in a little bit of pain and having a few blood pressure problems but from the way it sounded she was feeling much better.

When Peyton arrived I can't tell you how badly I itched to hold and cuddle her. She is an absolutely beautiful baby. She would wake up and just look at you with those big brown eyes. She really didn't cry unless she was hungry or cold, she's a wonderful baby. Maw was able to get a few great pictures of her with some of her props and they came out wonderful. I would naturally put them on here but Lacy has not seen them yet and we want momma to be able to see her first baby's pictures so those will have to wait. She's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait until next week when we go visit to hold and love her again.