Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was such a great one! It all started on Friday because my mother-n-law was off so I picked her up early that morning and took off to catch some of the good sales from labor day. Ever since I found out I was having a girl I like to shop the sales and see what I can pick up to add to her room in our house. My family has gotten her so much stuff she really is spoiled and I haven't even had her yet. I was actually tired a lot this day because of all the heat so we went and grabbed some lunch and then we went to pick up potato. My mother-n-law likes to keep her grandkids everyother weekend to spend more time with them and this was potato's weekend and my sister-n-law agreed to let us pick him up early. After we picked him up we headed back to maw's house because she was cooking a big dinner and it was pretty enough outside for us to sit on her patio and let them play in the yard. It was soo nice to see them get to know each other again because it had been so long since they played without being in town.

On saturday morning lil buck and I headed back to pick up maw and potato and take them to the build and grow at lowes. I really hadn't been going because I can't sit on the floor but maw promised she would find me a comfy chair (which she did :). After they built their puppy it was lunch time so we grabbed some food and headed to the park. We were at the park for like 2 hours and there was no other people so we really let the boys run wild. They both loved the swings but it was still hot to slide. Well, they eventually got so tired we had to leave but my son adores the slide so I had to try to get him to slide somehow so I got up there (38 wks preggo) and slid down only once. It actually hurt so I didn't attempt that again. After the park they took a long nap and when they woke up we took pictures of them in their saints outfits and I must say they looked adorable.

On Sunday when we brought potato back my sis-n-law gave me this older labtop that they fixed up for me and now I am able to get on the internet way more often so I can blog and keep you all up to date on us and the babies. I am due in 2 weeks so again if I take a break for a few days it's because I'm off to have my baby girl! Thank all of you for taking time to catch up and stay and follow me! Heres to many more blogs!