Monday, June 28, 2010

Generation Smith

For the longest time my hubby has been wanting to take a generation picture. At first I really didn't know what he was talking about because we had never done anything like that in our family. He explained it to me that it was grandpa smith, daddy smith ,and little smith either all boys or all girls. He had seen a picture taken like this of his father and grandfather so as soon as our boy was big enough he wanted one taken of them.

So he explained this certain picture in my head and you know once you get something in your head it just sticks there and nothing will make you happy unless it is perfect. Well, when we explained what he wanted to Maw being the professional photographer she is she said she could create exactly what he wanted.

Well, lil tad-pole's birthday is coming up and he is turning one so we thought this would make a perfect picture for his birthday cake. When we took the pictures I can honestly say she hit it on the head perfectly!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Build and Grow: Monster Truck

So far the past few weekends Maw has been taking lil buck to Lowes: Build and Grow and Home Depot. Every time they would come back they would have a wooden something that they made, their apron, a patch, and a certificate saying what they built, and lots of pictures to show mommy. While I was working I always had to work every Saturday from 7-12 and I would always miss it. Well, I had to quit my job because I am pregnant and it was just too hard I actually got to go this week. The kids there made monster trucks. So I show up in this cute lil white skirt and top thinking I would sit in a chair with him and we would hammer whatever it was together. Not so much. First of all we had to sit on the floor (and I was much grateful later) and the little package had like 10 nails and instructions....not so fun for the uncoordinated...

It was really fun but this is definitely a job for him and his daddy cause I was sweating and it took me like forever to put this truck together. He actually hammered a good bit of it and was used to going so it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would have been in the beginning. After we finished hammering and putting all the stickers on we took a few pictures to show off what we had done! Wait til we get home to show diddy! I can honestly say I am proud of myself and my son for doing such a great job! But I will definitely know for next time to go in comfy clothes!

I was also surprised how well he was around other kids when we were there. He doesn't get to play with a lot of other kids besides potato and I kind of expected him to cling to me or his maw but if I would have let him he would have been the social butterfly and just walked up to all the kids and played with them or took their stuff. It kind of broke my heart because he is so excited with other kids I just hope we can find some more friends his age to hang out with because he LOVES being around other people.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

4-Wheeler Riding

We have kind of had a long day. Last night we completely debugged our house of everything so that way when we got home today we would have to do some serious cleaning. For the past few days lil buck has not been feeling too well. So in the mist of all the cleaning I called the pediatrician. I hate it when he gets sick so I knew just by looking at him something simple would not ease his pain.

We saw the pediatrician and she pretty much told us that the symptoms he was having is because he is outside a lot and would have to get used to all the pollen and his immune system was just fighting all the yucky stuff. So after we left there we finished up at home and rode out to see maw and pap.

We got to go along for the ride and see if this new 4-wheeler was any good. Well, it turns out that pap loved it so he bought a new bike today. He also promised lil buck that as soon as we got back diddy would take him for a ride when he got home. This was an end to a very long day. This completely made his day and left a big smile on his face would could not have made me happier!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

We actually celebrated Father's Day on Friday because Hubby had to work pretty much all day on Father's Day. It started out with me and monkey cooking breakfast for Hubby and just sleepin in and watching some TV. After that we packed up a nice lunch in our picinic basket and headed to the park. There was not much grass but there were plenty of ducks to feed. We played around and strolled the park for a while and let monkey feed anything that walked. Then we parked and had a nice picnic. It was so hot there that when we got home we were all pooped and it was nap time!

When we finally got up we packed up and went to see Maw and Pap. Cousin was at his photo shoot taking some pics for his daddy so we stopped by in River Ranch to see if we could help out. Not only did cousin get some great photos but hubby and monkey managed to catch 3 brim out the pond. It was so funny to see hubby searching for worms in the trees. So we headed out and went to eat dinner. And there we ended the great day eating dinner with maw and pap and aunt and cousin. We had a great and fulfilled day and it was hubby's first so we hope he will remember it forever.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hubby and Me

Hubby and I met way back in high school when we both least expected it. Football was always my favorite sport (even though it was too rough to play). When we talked the first couple of times and he mentioned fishing and hunting and him being a football player and all I was hooked. Then I just had to convince him that he was too. We started hunting together and got to know each and we both fell head over heels. It didn't take us long to realize that we both wanted to get married and have children and start a family, but being in high school we would have to wait awhile. The longer we were together the more I wanted to be around not just him but his entire family. They taught me soo many things I never wanted to leave.

We have had a lot of ups and downs and hard times on mostly the subjects of college and not knowing what our careers would be and religious issues so we just decided to settle and get married. We dated for 3 years and have been married for 1 1/2 years now and I would not have changed one thing for the entire world. I look forward to everyday with him and a wonderful future to come.