Monday, October 3, 2011

Cheyenne's Birthday Bash

Cheyenne's Birthday was filled with activities. It started out by bringing her to some Annabella homes and taking some pictures of her and it turned out we also took some family pictures which were way over due. Then, the day before her birthday we went shopping and bought her a lot of new clothes and ordered her a great cake. For her cake we decided to take a picture of her on our 4-wheeler and make her a picture cake and let me tell you it came out awesome! Then, the day of her birthday we took her and lil buck to the movies to see The Lion King in 3D. Lil buck absolutely loved it but Cheyenne was a little young so it was hard to keep her from playing and sitting still. Then after the movie we picked up the cake and hubby fried us some french fries and grouper which really made the whole event really special.

The weekend after her birthday we went visit Maw and Maw also had lots of special surprises for her but what really made everything special was when we went visit Uncle Matt, Aunt Kayla, and cousin Tater man. See Uncle Matt's birthday is the day after Cheyenne's so he was sweet enough to share his birthday party with CC. They had many presents for her and had even bought her a special cake with a little flower on it. When we went she tore into the cake but it was kind of late so there was a lot left so instead of packing it and bringing it home we smashed it into Uncle Matt's face for his special gift. He was not too happy with us at first but realized we did it cause we loved him and he graciously forgave us! All in all she had a very memorable birthday.

I will never forget how my beautiful baby girl looked when she was born. I'll never forget how small she was or how she smelled. She was absolutely perfect. She has grown a lot and it is hard for me because everything is happening so fast but I could never love her more than I do now. When I found out I was pregnant for her I remember not planning for her but she is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Me and hubby love her very much and we look forward to a hundred birthdays as long as the Lord is willing.

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  1. I love it! Her birthdays were very special. We love her so much!