Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bout Time

I know I know it has been an incredibly long time since I have actually even tried to post anything. A lot of things have happened in my life to where I was traumatized for a little while but my family is all back together and finally moving forward. Since it has been so long since I have posted this one will be kind of long and I will try to sum up all of things that have been going on.... Here is goes...

Back in July my son turned two years old. I am a homemaker and I stay at home with my kids and up until his 2nd birthday I really didn't have like a set schedule where we would do some sort of schooling. But my nephew is in a daycare and even though he is almost a year older than my son I can tell that the progress and learning skills are developing much faster than my little boy so when I realized this I started having school with him everyday. Now, he is starting to talk a lot more and now he is learning his animals and colors and numbers. One of the best things about it is that he loves to read.

Well, this august we decided to tag along with my mother and father-n-law to gulf shores Alabama. The whole family went on a little vacation and we had such an awesome time. My little girl and boy were both pretty much dreaming about pools, and water, and boats the entire month after we got home. My little boy caught his first fish and I don't think we could have honestly taken enough pictures. My little girl (CC) was about 10 months when we went and she finally started to really get confident and started walking. Once again we couldn't have taken enough pictures.

This month on the 25th of the month CC turns a year old and I really can't be more excited. My kids are young so we don't really throw them big birthday parties or anything but the event is still very special. I would like to get her like this beautiful little girls chandelier and maybe have her daddy and pap make her a hope chest. I am starting to get excited because the 20th of this month is my husbands and I's anniversary. Last year we were going through a lot and so we didn't celebrate it at all. We talked about it and we are going to try to plan a little camping trip for our family. My husband and my beautiful children mean the world to me and I truly can't wait to do something special with them. Not much else exciting has really happened so here are some resent pics of us and some pics from our vacay.


  1. Hi Claire! It's so nice to see you back posting again. I hope you weren't affected too much by the storm. I heard that it was a real mess for Louisiana. I'm sorry that things have not been going so well for you this past year; but, I'm happy that they are turning around. I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world going forward. Your family is so beautiful. Your little boy is getting so big and I haven't even seen your baby girl. She's a doll! Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comment. I hope I see you around more often now. Have a great week!

  2. So glad you started blogging again!